Tackling The Culture Clash Over Country Food in Nunavut


The rate of household food insecurity in Nunavut is eight times the Canadian average. The territory wrestles with sky-high prices at grocery stores.

Some experts have suggested that commercializing country food could improve access to healthy produce and reduce food insecurity across the northern Canadian territory. The problem is that many local people consider exchanging cash for country food instead of sharing it is against Inuit culture.

Web story at Arctic Deeply.


Young couple strives to keep indigenous wedding traditions alive

Young couple strives to keep indigenous wedding traditions alive

This May, two young members of the Nlaka’pamux First Nation are hosting a rare gathering.

Alex Harry and Kayleen Hanna, both 25, are inviting more than 150 family members and friends to the edge of a cliff at Nicomen Falls, a four-hour drive from Vancouver, to witness a traditional wedding.

Web story at CBC Aboriginal.

Radio story broadcast on CBC Radio’s Early Edition.

Written and reported in collaboration with Peggy Lam.

Update May 29, 2016:
We followed up with Alex and Kayleen on the day of the wedding. Web story at CBC Aboriginal.