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Hello. My name is Alex.

I’m a journalist and radio producer based in Vancouver. I’m a producer for Cited and an associate producer for CBC Radio. I’ve reported for CBC AboriginalArctic DeeplyDiscourse Media and Canadian Psychiatry Aujourd’hui. I’m also the host and producer of Theoretically Speaking, a podcast about absurd science. I’m interested in ideas and culture.

Before becoming a journalist, I studied neuroscience at the University of Calgary. I spent my summers in labs, researching epilepsy, the neurocircuitry of stress and neuronal regulation. After finishing my thesis, I decided that instead of doing science, I’d rather tell stories.

My email is kimalexanderb@gmail.com. I tweet @alexanderbkim.

PGP fingerprint: 007A 2227 01AD A812 0B37 632A 3ED4 544E 1B45 A080